T6 Manager
2012-06-23: Initial Release of the T6 Manager
The initial release of the T6 Manager is out.

The T6 Manager is a GUI frontend to manager your trainings performed with the Suunto T6 training computer. It uses LibT6 (included) to communicate to the T6 and to download the training logs. These are stored on disk for later reference. Each training log can be displayed. The heart rate, altitude and distance (and speed) data are visualized.

Device View
Device View
Training List View
Training List View
Training Visualization View
Training Visualization View

You can download the released files at the SourceForge.net Download page.

To use GLWaves you need some prerequisites.
  1. FreePascal
  2. Lazarus

The project page at SourceForge can be viewed here.


I would like to hear from you. Please send me an EMail to Johann.Glaser@gmx.at. If you encounter problems, have any questions or find bugs, please feel free to contact me. I am interested in your comments, suggestions, ideas, so drop me a mail too, please.

You are welcomed to help developing GLWaves (see Todo) and enlarge the number of available demos.

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